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We know that we are in the era of fabulous transformation. With each step, we can find an ample amount of opportunities for transformation and further development.

This is where Digital Transformation comes in. Digital Transformation not only implies just change - it is the pace of change in all areas of our business in a strategic and planned way. This in turn can result in a Responsive Data-Driven Strategy, which leads to innovation enabled by technology. GKS Infotech follows digital transformation uniquely to enhance our business strategies in a unique development method. We are the sister concern of Comtech Systems - an IT Firm, that has grown and diversified rapidly by setting benchmarks as a pioneer for others to follow. 

Our Vision

To constantly redefine or discover service standards with the aim to enhance user competence in IT functions handled by GKS.   

Our Mission

To be responsible to the society and nature with the commitment to focus on environment friendly IT infrastructure solutions.

Following the footsteps of Comtech Systems and driven by innovation, creativity, and a well-qualified team with a strong culture of entrepreneurship, we provide a wide range of infrastructure solutions in the field of Information Technology.

Cloud Transformation enables innovation by reducing costs and improving business by standardizing application, service processes, and infrastructure. It helps businesses to operate with improved flexibility and scalability. GKS Infotech aims to bring about this transformation to the customers through Cloud and Managed Services.

When it comes to Cloud Services, security is one of the salient features provided by Cloud and it offers keen insight into the overall infrastructure protection and alerted detective measures. Another notable characteristic is Reliability - which is a mandatory element for a proficient network strategy. Reliability focuses on the recovery from the failure of either infrastructure or services. Optimal awareness of the Cost is required for proper and effective functioning. Resource validation to pick optimal requirements and release whichever is not necessary is concentrated. Thereby cost optimisation and expenditure awareness are made possible. Overall Performance efficiency can also be calculated internally and thereby manage the changes according to the requirement.

GKS Infotech provides managed services as well thorough profound back to back knowledge from our previous success stories. We are backed by a panel of experts with keen insight knowledge in the corresponding sections. Our services are focused to provide the industry’s best service and dealings to our customers by partnering with the top notches in this field. Therefore, by choosing us, you have already paved the path of fine space to success.

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