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IT Consulting

GKS consultants work across all IT dimensions from understanding current business processes to identifying gaps in creating strategic imperatives for digital transformation. Our goal is to help you focus on business process design to strategize and implement policies for continuous improvement and automation.

Our structured approach to IT consulting includes

  • Understand Information Security requirements, gaps and compliance to secure the company infrastructure and employees.
  • Prepare and train the organisation for proper incident management.
  • IT Risk Management.
  • Defining your vision and strategic imperatives by working with your executive management and functional heads.
  • Analysing the current state of your IT and identifying gaps by conducting workshops.
  • Ideating with business function participants to develop your IT strategy.
  • Providing business architecture and process design feedback to executive management and functional heads.

IT Audit

  • Basic IT audit (Verifies policies and procedures).
  • IS audit (Detailed audit as per the Information Security standards like (ISO 27001), RBI guidelines and other compliance).
  • Network/system Audit (Verify the networks and systems in the infrastructure/datacentre).

Vulnerability Analysis
& Pen Testing

  • Network /systems Vulnerability analysis.
  • Website/Web application Vulnerability aAnalysis.
  • Network/Systems Pen testing.
  • Website/Web application Pen testing.


  • Corporate Awareness Programs (Information Security).
  • Awareness/training Sessions (For educational/public institutions).

When it comes to security, from the infrastructure perspective the cloud provider will provide necessary protection based on the subscription (might be packages/add-ons.) Services like Backup/ snapshots, DLP, HIPS, SIEM, Firewall, security, and event management system can be opted based on the customer requirement.

Considering Firewall availability, The basic firewall service will be provided by default, any advanced security like WAF, and secure access through VPN can opt as an additional service. And Is their protection for DOS/DDOS is always a confusing query, These kinds of threats are protected by default from the infrastructure level, the application/service protection will be customer scope. About kinds of vulnerabilities affecting web API/services, its same as like private cloud, this would be the scope of the customer, there will be tools available to verify/scan to find vulnerabilities for the website/web app/any other service (made by the customer), So when it comes to security, always better to consult a cloud consultant instead of buying directly online.

Network Security

This includes the sales of Firewalls, UTMS, Antivirus, etc. For any organization regardless of its size and infrastructure, it is essential to have a proper network security solution in place. So, we can help you with the latest type of security solutions and the maintenance of the same. Managed access to the network can be accomplished by Effective network security. It protects the usability and integrity of your network and data by combining multiple layers of defences at the sting. With a primary focus on protecting and respecting your privacy, we license users, and only they can gain access to the network resources. Robust security provided resulted in the blocking of malicious acts and the prevention of threats and exploits from external sources.

Sophos enhance advanced endpoint protection, network security fully synchronized in real-time GKS heads as IT security provider in Kerala and Golden Sophos Partner in Kerala.

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