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Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider helps minimize risks, protect critical information, and effectively reduce the cost and complexity of your security infrastructure. Cloud managed services ensures cloud-based delivery with any-where access, at any-time, and regular threat updates.

Remote management is the basic requirement of a complex workspace ecosystem. So that managed services play a key role in the betterment of services. The provision of managed services helps users on a proactive basis. GKS Infotech offers a wide range of managed services. They are Data Backup and storage, Network Management, Network Monitoring, Router Service, New Network Setup, Web Services, Router Service, Managed Wireless LAN, User Management, System Management, Cloud Computing.

System Integration

Productivity and quality of operations in an enterprise are managed by system integration. Whenever there are cases of multiple IT systems, the possibility of inefficiency and reduced productivity are highly likely. Here is where the intervention of GKS Infotech can help you as our expertise in the domain shall drive your functionality to an optimal level.

Challenges associated with Client

Sub-systems can cause unexpected and unforeseen issues. Bulk inclusion of functions, departments, and stages of the product life cycle confuse.

Our Provisions

We are focused on delivering and managing ordered IT infrastructure for our clients with an automated approach. Exact tools, technologies, methodologies, and templates for the user requirements are packaged with dynamically managed support.

Business Value

Through Integrity and corporate ethics, the acceleration of business processes is carried out. Focusing on reduced business cycle times and higher performance, increased flexibility leads to the real-time access of data.

IT Infrastructure Management Services

Management of IT services allows the optimization and overall management of infrastructures with difficult conditions. We focus to deliver solutions that drive business processes and applications. Finally provides the peculiar features associated with availability, performance, and reliability of datacentre, security infra, and network infrastructures.

As we all know the factor that IT infrastructure is the main milestone where the number of IT products were related one to one also numerous single items.

GKS provide services of
Networking Switches

We provide the services and implementation of all the above items and maintains continuous support which should be done properly that reflects your business processes perfectly for the well running of your firm. Our Support facility is available before you in a 24*7 manner. We are aware of our customer positions, regardless of the most basic to the well-established categories we have the solutions. When we are associated with a particular client, we will have a deep study. From there we start an analysis of existing conditions and provide our suggested proposals before you.

Through our strategic dealing, we can offer you a board range of end-user, mid-range, and enterprise IT hardware and software products. Our available products are designed in such a specific manner so that they can satisfy customer requirements without any compromise on the type, brand, and price.

Services for resources may include desktop, monitors, laptops, multifunction printers, Computer Accessories, Software that accompanies these hardware products like an antivirus program. Product range may vary from mid-range to an enterprise-wide perspective such as rack mount and tower servers, blade servers, storage devices, network devices, network security appliances, and all of the operating systems and applications required to operate such devices.

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